Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Walk Cycle

So on to animating. Had a little hiccup in the program department. Toon Boom decided that it didn't want to work and my images had an even worse quality before. I don't know if its because I'm running Vista or that it just doesn't like me but it did not want to work. So I gave up with that program.

So I tried Flash...and.. that didn't work too well. I'm not entirely familiar with Flash so I was slow working on it anyway then it kept freezing up and crashing....guess that's what you get for having a cracked copy.

So my final option (aside from freaking out and running away to a foreign country) was to use Photoshop and After Effects. Probably not the best option but it got the job done.

This was my first initial walk. I didn't use many frames and did each frame twice, I treated this walk too much like a human walk cycle, which can be completed in like 12 frames. This was 14 frames, shot twice, so 28 frames in total looped a little so that YouTube would play it.

As you can see its far too choppy. There aren't nearly enough frames in this animation. I need to go back and re work it. I treated my first test too much like a bipedal walk cycle.

I also found that its a good idea to colour the legs in the background in...because if you don' looks like he's moon walking.

Back to the drawing board.

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