Saturday, 12 November 2011

Eadweard Muybridge

Finding references for cats its a lot harder than it seems. There's plenty of information on Dogs and Horses but very little on Cats. Fortunately for me Eadweard Muybridge had a few images on cats.

From what I've looked at I think he has three different shots. There could be more but these are all I could find.
This one is of a cat doing 2 small jumps/leaps. I love the second line as you can see the cat clearly has all its feet off the ground. You can see the squash ans stretch the cat has. The stretch when the cat is leaping in the air and the squash when it lands, the force of the jump coming in behind the cat as its feet hit the ground.

 This one is of a cat starting a walk then turning into a run, as the cat starts to run his body gets longer and stretches more as it gains speed.

This image is interesting.  The cat starts out walking and is startled by something that then causes it to run. The main thing to note here are its back legs. Like I've mentioned before cats are not running creatures. They are built for pouncing. Notice the cats back legs push itself into a run. While his front legs are working independently, left then right. While the back legs are working together almost as if he is jumping or pouncing. You could liken these back leg movements to that of a rabbit almost.

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