Monday, 21 November 2011

Simon's Cat

I couldn't look at cat things without bringing up this guy. Simons Cat. Its a series or short animations and illustrations about a very hungry cat. This guys work is so simply drawn and has such a a charm to it.

I love the style he has for his animations and even though its a very simplified style he still manages to retain the cat like movements of the cat.

His animations are good because they are based on actual things and quirks that cats do and have. He owns three cats himself and is completely obsessed with them so it that obviously helps. Simon Tofield has a fantastic way of capturing the cats fantastic characteristics as well as adding comedy and really pushing his animation.

As much as I'd like to animate similar to him. I think its best if I stick to a more realistic walk as it will benefit me in my final film.

I just had to add this in as I love the difference between the walks of the Cat and the Kitten and the fantastic iterations between the characters. If I had time I would like to explore the walk cycles of a Kitten as well. Kittens are a lot less confident on their feet and walk differently to when they get older. I love how this is captured in this animation.

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