Saturday, 5 November 2011

Cats are weird.

As the title says. Cats are weird.

Dante has a habit of  "getting in things". I cant come home with a box or a bag without Dante begging to get in it.

Whether its when I get a new pair of shoes and Dante tried his very hardest to get into the box and make himself comfortable.

Or to the bag the shoes came in. He has to get in it. He's partial to a good paper bag. mainly Primark bags as they are big and have strong handles. He loves to be carried around in the bag. Who needs a fancy cat basket when I have a paper bag?

Cats love small spaces. Im unsure exactly why they like them. It could be that boxes and bags are warmer and they block out the air, its why they like the little cat houses you can get. or going under the bed. The other reason is that they may feel safer in a small area. Knowing that no one can get them there. Or... they are just odd like this awesome cat here.

Meet Maru. The cat that will get in any box he can get his paws on.

Again there is a point to this post so do bare with me. Cats like small spaces because some of the spaces that cats get into are spaces that ONLY cats can get into. Its a defence mechanism in a way. Back before humans were around to keep cats as pets they needed a way to escape from predators. Now most predators would naturally be bigger than a cat so a good defence is to be able to fit inside a small hole, to do this cats have a special skeleton. As I mentioned in an earlier post, cats have a free floating Clavicle bone (collar bone).

 Clavicle on a human

Clavicle on a feline

A humans clavicle is fixed. The cat's clavicle does not connect with other bones but is buried in the muscles of the shoulder region. This lack of a functioning collarbone allows them to fit through any opening the size of their head.

This odd little bone helps them fit under small spaces. As long as their head fits so will the rest of their body.

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