Friday, 4 November 2011

My Cats are boring...

So I thought when doing this project that I would get a good deal of reference footage and photos as I own 2 cats. I thought that I would have endless resources with these two.

Oh how wrong was I...

In the 4 years we've had these cats only now have I realised how LAZY they are. They don't do anything! I want them to walk....they run away from me. I want them to play with a toy....they lie down. Only when there is not a camera to hand are they actually interesting....I have therefore concluded that my cats are plotting against me.

All the photos I own of my cats are of them asleep. My cats are useless.

So here are the two little monsters. Nero (left) and Dante (Right). I can safetly say they will never get a job in acting. These are the two laziest cats you will ever meet.

So even though most of the photos of my cats are of them sleeping they can still be interesting. Dante has a lovely habit of sleeping in what seem to be very uncomfortable positions for a cat. But Dante is out like a light most days.

As he sleeps like, for lack of a better word, a mong, we get great enjoyment out of laughing at him. We have dubbed his odd sleeping positions. Kitty Yoga.

 This one just looks like he ran into my door and this was the aftermath.

 This is "the stretch" Dante rolled over and had a little stretch but his legs didn't seem to relax and were like this for a good 20 minutes before he moved.

 This one is crying out for a belly rub. I really dont understand why he finds lying on his back so comfortable.

 This is probably the most interesting of the lot. He was like this for ages. It cant have been good for him I just do not understand how his spine bends that way.

 Another one of him precariously bending in a way that no human can. It looks like he is going to snap in two!

 This photo just makes him look rather fat...he kinda deflates when he's lying on his back. You can see here how hard it is to tell a cats structure behind all the fur, muscles...and....fat.

 We call this the "superman". Blissfully unaware that he is falling down the side of my bed.

He then rolled over. Still slowly falling down the side of my bed. He looks like a mummy, just needs a sarcophagus.

I couldn't help my self. Look at how cute he is! He looks like he's smiling :3

There was a small point to this post. I'm not whoring out my cats. Honest! You can see in these photos the extent to which a cat can stretch and how long their bodies are. How deceiving  the cats body is under all that fur.

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