Sunday, 30 October 2011

Damn Blogs

Now its been a while since I last blogged on here. I have been keeping a lot of research on my computer I just haven't had the time to post it up here. I was frantically trying to get the animatic done for the Cat and Rat film and EnE took a lot of my time too getting the designs done for the market. Now they are done and out the way I can finally put all the information I have collected up on here.

After deciding there are no decent Cat rigs available for a reasonable price online we thought that it was in my best interest to forget 3D altogether and go down the 2D route. Now while my film wont be entirely 2D it will have some 2D aspects and I can still learn about timing with doing my quadruped walk cycles in 2D. It will also help me practice drawing cats which I have been struggling with lately....they seem to look more like horses >.<

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