Monday, 17 October 2011

Reference Videos

This video shows a cat jumping up a fence in slow motion. In this video you can clearly see how the cat goes about jumping up a fence and that it doesn't do it in one jump. But instead does it by pushing itself off the fence before finally pulling itself up. You can clearly see here how the back legs and the front legs work together to pull itself up.

This is another slow motion video of the same cat but this time jumping down from a tree. This video really shows the extreme point the cat can contort its body. It also shows how the cat lands from a small height and how it keeps its balance when landing.

I also considered looking into something other than domestic cats. While bigger, big cats also can act the same way as domestic cats they are just bigger. While this video is just an animation test, it is a good example of a run cycle and I might consider looking into more videos for big cats. I just wont be able to get primary research on it as I don't own a would eat me.

I recently saw The Lion King 3D in the cinemas and it reminded me of this scene. As soon as I saw this I was reminded of my project and decided to look the scene up online.

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