Thursday, 27 October 2011


I have had A LOT of trouble finding an appropriate rig. There seems to be no cat rigs available for Maya that are free or aren't hideously expensive.

I have been searching for ages now and the few rigs I do come across either NEED rigging or are for a program other than Maya. I have finally a rig that somewhat resembles a cat. It was supposed to be a "panther" at the very least I can use this unless I find a better rig.

So this is my "panther" rig. Its simple enough to use and hopefully I wont come across too many trouble using it. It is very primitive though so I will really need to push the animation to help character show through.

I also found this rig. While its not a cat it is a quadruped. And I have found there is a severe lack of quad rigs on online that are easily accessible.

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